To exceed all guests’ expectations by providing superior personalized life care experiences every day everywhere.


To be the most loved and trusted health wellbeing partner of all our guests.

Our Values


Nahdi is Saudi Arabia’s most loved and trusted wellbeing partner. With over 1,151 pharmacies across 144 cities and villages, from top shopping malls and airports to private hospitals, we add beats to Guest lives.

Through Nahdi Pharmacies, with Nahdi Online, via Nahdi Care Clinics and Nahdi Provider Pharmacies, our reach is constantly growing. Today, the Company is further transforming the delivery of healthcare products and services to its Guests by further expanding its digital offering. Services such the E-Pharmacist provide Guests with an interactive, app-based platform enabling immediate access to Nahdi’s extensive network of 2,500 pharmacists for a free live consultation anytime, anywhere.

Recent innovations have seen Nahdi journey into new markets in Dubai, deliver everything for the modern lifestyle with Nahdi Online and launch the Pharmacy of the Future. We embrace the digital era and create superior personal life-care experiences for our valued Guests.

We want our Guests to feel that there is one partner that is always thinking about bringing them the full health and wellness ecosystem to their fingertips and doorsteps.


WHAT OUR HEART BEATS FOR …At Nahdi, certain things are important to us. Integrity, Leading with Purpose, Care, Excellence and Interdependence are what we consider first when we make decisions. Our standards are clear and very dear to us

Rooted in Integrity

Rooted in Integrity Rooted in Integrity

We succeed with honesty first. We strive to do what’s right for the company, for our guests, and for the community as a whole

Leading with Purpose

Leading with Purpose Leading with Purpose

We innovate with genuine actions that are true to our Mission. We are bold and fearless because we have big things to do

Care for All

Care for All Care for All

Doing what’s necessary is an absolute given, but we’re not satisfied until our guests feel truly looked after, each and every day

Nothing but Excellence

Nothing but Excellence Nothing but Excellence

We work with high efficiency and discipline across the entire value chain, to be the very best in class in all that we do.

Strength in Collaboration

Strength in Collaboration Strength in Collaboration

We work collaboratively internally, with business partners, and the entire community to achieve shared success.